Whiney Day 7


Whiney Day 7 — Yes I’m whiney today.  I spent hours trying to do a more elaborate painting, which I ended up wiping out in frustration.  Then I did this pineapple — thanks to my daughter who suggested it!  Not thrilled with this one but I did it!!  This challenge has really been a challenge for me!  I’m spending way too much time on it and not getting other paintings done.  I’m hanging in there, but I can tell you my respect for Dottie Leatherwood, Kathy Collins, Connie Snipes (and all the other artists who have done this and some who continue to do so) has grown immensely.  You guys rock!  And i never heard you complaining either — sorry for my whininess!

So I’m gonna try again to see how i can simplify this some, probably do smaller paintings — and simpler.  Anyway, another day done!  See you tomorrow!!


2 thoughts on “Whiney Day 7

  1. Ophelia Staton

    Absolutely beautiful!!! I have caught myself being the same…where my expectation is far different from what I get done. This however is beautiful! I love how you just kept going. So…you rock!!!

    1. Robin Wellner Post author

      Thank you Ophelia! Today’s a new day and I’m better. I’m gonna check your art out today! Happy Painting!!


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