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Richeson75 Portrait/Figure Show 2015

Harmonica Mark

Harmonica Mark

Excited that this piece is a finalist in the Richeson75 Portrait/Figure Show 2015.  It also recently received an honorable mention in a local show for the Guild of Charlotte Artists.  I’m thrilled of course.  Most of the RIcheson75 shows are online only, but in this case they ask that you ship your painting to their gallery in Wisconsin for a final judging.  So cross your fingers!  I’ll ship it the beginning of October.

Many of you have asked why I named this piece “Harmonica Mark” — since he’s playing a drum.  Mark plays music with my husband and a group wonderful musicians, who jam at our house on a regular basis.  He plays harmonica, but also some percussion.  When he posed for this painting it just felt right to include this drum.

I’m in process of producing a whole series of musicians pieces.  I’ve done color studies of several and taken photos, but commissions have slowed me down getting back to the larger paintings.  Hope to begin them again soon.

All the best to you and yours!  And to those who it applies “Happy Painting!!”