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Yeah Sun! Plein air of Garden Shed

Shadows on the Garden Shed

So grateful for the sun today!  It was actually in the 70’s here in mid January!!!   So I had to get outside and paint!  As I was cropping this painting, I realized that I didn’t put the door on the shed.  I was so captivated by the shadows that I completely missed it!!!

Anyway you get the idea!  Day 13 done and a beautiful day it is!  All the best to you and yours!


Garden Shed

This is a close up of the painting that I did the other day of the Community Garden in one of our local parks.  It’s a beautiful little hidden gem.  In fact I had no idea it was there — I was just prowling around trying to find something interesting to paint.  That was also the morning I didn’t even bring a canvas to paint on!!  But as you see I came back.  If you ever visit Plaza Midwood Park in Charlotte, NC make sure you check out this wonderful spot.Garden Shed PM-8x10-oil-linen