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Day One – 30 paintings in 30 days – Bringing you Flowers

Once again I’m committing to doing 30 paintings in 30 days — all from life.  Dottie Leatherwood was a huge inspiration for my decision.  I always learn a tremendous amount when I paint daily, but this time it feels more meaningful.  I saw Dottie’s post about donating 50% to Hurricane Harvey victims and realized what a wonderful idea!  So for every painting that sells, 50% will be donated to victims of Hurricane Harvey.  They will be posted on Daily Paintworks, or you may contact me directly.

If you purchase one, please let me know your preference for donation – Red Cross or Houston Humane Society.  If you have a favorite charity that you’re familiar with that benefits those affected by this horrific event, please let me know.  

I received an email from the Portrait Society today.  They have set up a drive to donate art supplies to the hundreds of children who are stranded in shelters.  Many people had to leave their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs.  So they are coordinating a drive to send coloring books, art pads, colored pencils and markers to these children in the Dallas and Houston convention centers.  So that is another cause that I would be happy to send donations to as well.

All 30 paintings will be from life — so either plein air, interiors, people or still life.  My other caveat that I’m adding for my own education, is to do every painting  with a limited palette.  For instance, the painting above “Bringing you Flowers” was done with White, Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Rose and Cadmium Yellow Light.

I’m excited about the opportunity to learn more — and to help some in this horrible situation in Texas.  Having experienced many hurricanes myself, I know how your life comes to a complete standstill — but I’ve never experienced any as intense and destructive as Harvey.  My heart goes out to all those folks!  

To purchase this painting http://www.dailypaintworks.com/fineart/robin-wellner/bringing-you-flowers/620548.

All the best to you and yours!!!


Painting Sunflowers – Day 27

Teaching and Painting

I had a delightful day teaching some basic palette knifing to a group of lovely ladies !  This was a quick demo of our still life setup.  Painting sunflowers and an apple!!

Day 27 complete!!  All the best!!


Painting Camellias – Day 14

Painting Camellias

These are such glorious flowers — and blooming this time of year makes them even more special.  It was a pleasure painting them, although paint will never do them justice!

I am so grateful for this challenge right now.  For reasons I won’t discuss on my blog, life is very stressful right now.  This commitment to daily painting is keeping me sane.  It’s something I love, that I can pour my heart and attention into; and for a little while, forget the other stuff that’s going on in my life.  So thank you “Strada Easel Challenge” and Leslie Saeta with the “30 Day Challenge”.  It’s been a blessing for me. 

Day 14 done,  gratefully.  All the best to you and yours!


Quick Before It Wilts — Painting the Last Iris

This is the last of the bunch of Irises.  I was disappointed in how quickly they wilted!  I realized I’d better paint it quick before it wilted too. I decided to do a “matching pair” with the painting I did yesterday.  Both canvases are 6×12 and would work well together on a wall!  Any takers?

On to another subject tomorrow.  Im using the alkyd paints again.  My major complaint with these is they are kind of gooey.  They don’t stand up the way normal oils do.  I think tomorrow I’m going to try adding some cold wax to give them more stiffness. But I do love the fact that they dry quickly.

Day 11 done! In general it’s getting easier.  I’m learning lots of lessons for future paintings!

All the best to you and yours!  Thanks for looking!!!


Painting Irises – Day 10

Paint them before they die!

This was an easier decision today — My irises were starting to wilt, so I’m painting them!!!

I’m learning more and more every day about palette knife painting.  This one I used all alkyd paints. It takes so long for normal oils to dry, especially when I’m laying on so much paint.  Alkyds dry much more quickly.

I’m also giving myself permission not to totally delineate everything.  I like looser paintings.  With the knife I can’t get too precise.  


Day 10! Thanks for looking at my painting !!  


Emote your paintings- Ha!

Knifed FloralI did this painting in a mad frenzy.  I was furious at the world this morning and went at the canvas with a vengeance —actually it was board not canvas.  Thank God because I probably would have torn a canvas.  I was totally out of my head — and it helped me clear all the garbage out of my system.