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Painting Wine after the Women’s March – Day 21

Wine soon to be consumed

I did the Women’s March today in Charlotte!  Yay!  What a great event!  Estimates of 10,000 to 30,000 women, men, children and dogs attended.  It was joyful and sad, but hopefully building energy for the work that needs to be done! I was exhausted, and truthfully the last thing I wanted to do was paint.  But I made a commitment, so here’s a bottle of wine and wine tool — Can’t say the wine will last long after I finish this post!!!

Day 21 done!  Love trumps hate!


Painting Squished Tubes of Paint – Day 20

Squished Tubes

I think the more I do this the more abstract and crazy I get!  Painted squished tubes of paint today and a little bit of my mineral spirits container.  Today I joined a group and met in uptown Charlotte to do a Flash Mob in honor of the First Amendment.  We sang all the verses of “This Land is Your Land”  Boohooed through half of it!  Hope you all are finding good ways to put your energy and good ideas to use to help this country be all it can be!!

Day 20 down!  All the best to you and yours!!


Painting Theresa – Day 19

Painting Theresa

Thursday are my day to paint portraits from life — and because of that one of my most favorite days!  I paint with three other artist friends and share a model.  Three hour sessions – 20 minutes of posing and 5 minutes of break for three hours.  Today we painted Theresa — one of my favorite models.  She’s great at holding a pose and has a beautiful, regal face.  

I used my Zorn palette again.  I like this limited palette since we arenon a tight time frame.  It gives some good fleshtones, although I waver about incorporating more transparent colors.  So I tend to go back and forth between palette choices.  

Today some of my stress is finally going to be relieved because the health insurance company finally approved some of the tests for my husband.  Yay! So grateful!!  Hopefully these tests will tell us why he’s been in an out of pain everyday for over three months!

Tomorrow I’ll go back to my knife and still lifes or maybe plein air.  But Day 19 is complete!!!

All the best to you and yours!


Painting My Palette and Brushes – Day 18

Palette and Brushes

Decided to continue doing still lifes of my painting tools – so I painted my palette, brushes, palette knife and some globs of paint. Once again it’s a welcome distraction while we try to figure out what’s going on healthwise with my husband.  I have to say my opinion of the medical field and health insurance field has diminished greatly.  Trying to stay positive but I’ve had a few breakdowns along the way.  We’ve been on “hover” since the end of October.  My patience has worn thin…

All the best to you and yours!  Day 18 completed!


Paintings My Tools – Day 17

Painting my Tools

I have a brand new container for my mineral spirits – bright and shiny!  So I decided to incorporate it into this “Painting my Tools”.  I’m enjoying learning more about painting with my knife.  Trying to get even more paint on the surface.  It’s very fun!

Grateful for the distraction!  My husband is going through a health crisis and we’re having a hard time getting any answers from the doctors, so it’s put our lives into a sort of holding pattern.  This daily painting is a welcome respite from the worry!

All the best to you and yours! Day 17 down!


Painting Camellias – Day 14

Painting Camellias

These are such glorious flowers — and blooming this time of year makes them even more special.  It was a pleasure painting them, although paint will never do them justice!

I am so grateful for this challenge right now.  For reasons I won’t discuss on my blog, life is very stressful right now.  This commitment to daily painting is keeping me sane.  It’s something I love, that I can pour my heart and attention into; and for a little while, forget the other stuff that’s going on in my life.  So thank you “Strada Easel Challenge” and Leslie Saeta with the “30 Day Challenge”.  It’s been a blessing for me. 

Day 14 done,  gratefully.  All the best to you and yours!


Yeah Sun! Plein air of Garden Shed

Shadows on the Garden Shed

So grateful for the sun today!  It was actually in the 70’s here in mid January!!!   So I had to get outside and paint!  As I was cropping this painting, I realized that I didn’t put the door on the shed.  I was so captivated by the shadows that I completely missed it!!!

Anyway you get the idea!  Day 13 done and a beautiful day it is!  All the best to you and yours!


Painting Bethany – Day 12

Did one of my most favorite things in the whole world today — painted someone from life.  This is a dear artist friend’s daughter – she painted her too!  Bethany just returned from traveling to India to do a month long yoga training.  Before she left, she cut her waist length gorgeous blond hair and donated it to locks of love.  

You can tell she’s had lots of yoga training.  No slumping for this model!  She’s erect and poised the whole time.  Holds a pose perfectly.  

My apologies for the photo.  Since the painting is so wet, it catches lots of glare.  I was forced to photograph it in virtually no light, so it’s very soft.  When It’s dry I can retake the photo.

Day 12 done!  All the best to you and yours!!

Painting Bethany


Quick Before It Wilts — Painting the Last Iris

This is the last of the bunch of Irises.  I was disappointed in how quickly they wilted!  I realized I’d better paint it quick before it wilted too. I decided to do a “matching pair” with the painting I did yesterday.  Both canvases are 6×12 and would work well together on a wall!  Any takers?

On to another subject tomorrow.  Im using the alkyd paints again.  My major complaint with these is they are kind of gooey.  They don’t stand up the way normal oils do.  I think tomorrow I’m going to try adding some cold wax to give them more stiffness. But I do love the fact that they dry quickly.

Day 11 done! In general it’s getting easier.  I’m learning lots of lessons for future paintings!

All the best to you and yours!  Thanks for looking!!!