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Hanah from Life

Hanah from Life

Hanah from Life

Recently had the opportunity to paint one of my favorite people – Hanah – from life.  I love our little painting group.  We hire a model virtually every week and paint from life.  We paint for three hours – 20 minutes then hopefully a 5 minute break if we don’t get too chatty.  It is probably one of the best things I’ve done for my learning in painting.  Seeing those colors in people’s faces that you only see from real life.  Photos just don’t do it!  And I know I’m prejudiced, but to me there is something magical about capturing someone on canvas.  Someone described it as “capturing their soul”.  Don’t know if I’d go that far, but I still think it’s special.

In addition to the wondrous opportunity to paint from life, there is a wonderful camaraderie between our little group of painters.  We share our latest tricks, gadgets and ideas.  We critique each other’s paintings — always with kind intentions — because we are there to grow and learn.  And sometimes we just can’t see where we’re off.  It’s so helpful to get that feedback.  It seems we all have areas that we are blind to.  For instance, I invariably make everyone’s chins too short.

Sometimes I’ll take these back and complete them with the photo I take.  In Hanah’s case, I have not done anything additional.  Haven’t decided yet whether I will.  Sometimes I like the freshness of the painting, even if everything is not perfect.

The last few sessions, I’ve been experimenting with the Zorn palette: yellow ochre, cadmium red medium and Mars black – and white of course.  I love it!  With this piece of Hanah, I did add a little Ultramarine Blue to get that color in her shirt.  I recently completed a much large painting – 30×40- completely with the Zorn palette — I will show you that soon.

Should any of you be so inclined, please let me know if you’d like to model.  We’re always looking for new faces!  We provide chocolate, coffee and friendly conversation — as well as payment of course!

Thank you Hanah for allowing us to paint you from life!!!  It was an honor and a privilege!



Bass Lake – an amazing place for Plein Air

Another incredible day at Bass Lake.  It was actually chilly in the shade.  It’s an amazing place for Plein Air painting.  There are so many possible scenes and lightings.  And lots of pleasant people to interact with if you’re so inclined.  My husband and I have been in Boone/Blowing Rock area a great deal this summer —- so I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to do lots of plein air in a beautiful location.  One of the quandaries I’ve discovered recently is lighting.  When I position myself in the shade because of comfort, I have a very hard time really seeing my painting.  I’m looking out at a sunlight scene and I guess my eyes just can’t adjust quickly enough.  Sometimes I feel that I’m painting in the dark.  Often I’ll take my painting back in to the sun and do more adjustments.

I’ve also started taking my decent camera with me.  I’ve realized I sometimes need a better reference when I want to rework a painting back in the studio.  The iPhone shots just aren’t that good. Altho once again I’m amazed at how many colors I see in real life as compared to photographs.  Painting from life – regardless of the subject — is so helpful.

So while I was painting, my husband was fishing.  Caught a huge bass out of the lily pads in the lake.  Actually caught several.  Life is good!

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