Silliness Day 3

Me Painting

Well I did it again — painted for awhile, working on a self portrait, realized that that was way too ambitious for a daily painting — at least for me.  Anyway, I wiped it out and did this little ditty of me painting.  Hopefully I’ll figure this out or waste lots of time over the next month!!

I also find it really difficult to light myself in a way that ‘s easy to paint.  Lots to learn as always!!!

But the good news is that I’ve continued my commitment for at least 3 days so far!!!Yay me!! See you tomorrow!!!


2 thoughts on “Silliness Day 3

    1. Robin Wellner Post author

      Thanks Martine. I don’t always use the Zorn Palette. In this case I actually did use it for the flesh tones — that shirt is cerulean blue!!


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