Quick Before It Wilts — Painting the Last Iris

This is the last of the bunch of Irises.  I was disappointed in how quickly they wilted!  I realized I’d better paint it quick before it wilted too. I decided to do a “matching pair” with the painting I did yesterday.  Both canvases are 6×12 and would work well together on a wall!  Any takers?

On to another subject tomorrow.  Im using the alkyd paints again.  My major complaint with these is they are kind of gooey.  They don’t stand up the way normal oils do.  I think tomorrow I’m going to try adding some cold wax to give them more stiffness. But I do love the fact that they dry quickly.

Day 11 done! In general it’s getting easier.  I’m learning lots of lessons for future paintings!

All the best to you and yours!  Thanks for looking!!!


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