Portrait Prices

The portrait process with a discussion of your vision and needs for the final painting.  Portraits become heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation.  My hope is that every time you look at your portrait of you or your loved one that you will recall special memories that make you smile.  There is something magical about capturing someone in paint!  We are all works of art!!

If the portrait involves multiple people, I will determine the right size canvas, and give you a quote before proceeding. A nonrefundable deposit of 50% is required upon decision to proceed.

These prices are a beginning.  Once we have discussed your needs, I’ll be able to solidify a price.  Travel, shipping and framing are additional expenses.

Portrait Sketch – 

This would be a looser interpretation based on a 3-4 hour sitting with a loose abstract background would start at $875 for an 11×14 or 16×20.

More Refined Portrait –

I would require several hours to do photographs and a color study.  After reviewing photos, I would review these with you so you can choose your favorites. Once the portrait is begun, I may ask for additional sitting time to help make the portrait as accurate as possible. The prices below suggest a beginning.  Once we’ve discussed your wants, a final price will be determined.

Head and Shoulders – 11×14 – 16×20- $2000 – 3000

3/4 – Head, shoulders, hands – 24×30 – $4500

Full Body – 30×40 – $7500