Paintings My Tools – Day 17

Painting my Tools

I have a brand new container for my mineral spirits – bright and shiny!  So I decided to incorporate it into this “Painting my Tools”.  I’m enjoying learning more about painting with my knife.  Trying to get even more paint on the surface.  It’s very fun!

Grateful for the distraction!  My husband is going through a health crisis and we’re having a hard time getting any answers from the doctors, so it’s put our lives into a sort of holding pattern.  This daily painting is a welcome respite from the worry!

All the best to you and yours! Day 17 down!


2 thoughts on “Paintings My Tools – Day 17

  1. Pattie Wall

    I like the looseness of this palette knife work – love the color – really pops! Hope your husband is doing ok. Nothing like time at the easel to help with easing our worries.


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