Drawing and Painting the Figure

Nude pose

Saturday Pose

We have a wonderful group here in Charlotte who meet on Saturday mornings concentrating on drawing and painting the figure.  I try to make it when I can.  This painting is from the last session that I attended.  I rarely finish a painting in that session.  Sometimes the drawing is sufficient for me to just continue — Sometimes I have to completely rework the painting.  I want a beautiful painting, but I also want to a likeness.  So I try to work on both aspects – as well as experimenting with various techniques.

In this painting I was trying to draw on some of the aspects I learned from Seth Haverkamp.  The shadow side of her face is still very transparent and has very little paint on it.  I tried to build up the light side of her face and actually the highlights are not blended at all; just sitting on the surface.

The latest one in the studio I’m using Egbert brushes.  Those extra long filbert brushes that Rich Nelson introduced me to a few years ago.  I’ve never quite gotten the hang of them.  Recently rediscovered, I like the looseness I get from them.

I’ve also decided after trying to do some figure drawing, that I’m committing to some drawing everyday.  I’ve been so hooked on painting that I haven’t done any drawing in ages.  So I’m setting the timer and sitting down to do a drawing everyday.  Just a discipline to help me see better and hopefully draw better as well.

Drawing and painting the figure —- from life of course.  I have so much to learn, but I know it’s the best way to see the true colors and learn the anatomy. And it’s a blast!  All the best…!!!



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