Painting Bethany – Day 12

Did one of my most favorite things in the whole world today — painted someone from life.  This is a dear artist friend’s daughter – she painted her too!  Bethany just returned from traveling to India to do a month long yoga training.  Before she left, she cut her waist length gorgeous blond hair and donated it to locks of love.  

You can tell she’s had lots of yoga training.  No slumping for this model!  She’s erect and poised the whole time.  Holds a pose perfectly.  

My apologies for the photo.  Since the painting is so wet, it catches lots of glare.  I was forced to photograph it in virtually no light, so it’s very soft.  When It’s dry I can retake the photo.

Day 12 done!  All the best to you and yours!!

Painting Bethany


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