Rest in Peace


For those of you who know and love me know that I am a horse lover. I lost my Captain this weekend. He was a gentleman and a scholar. Always kind, happy to see me — only time I was inadvertently “dismounted” was when one of those nasty huge horseflies landed in the middle of his back. He knew way more than I’ll ever know. Trained beautifully by Lisa Wagner. He’s been a part of my life for the last decade. First as a lesson horse, then I leased him and when Lisa decided to sell him I couldn’t let him go.


He passed away on Friday after a sudden illness that we are still trying to figure out. In the meantime, I feel like someone kicked me in the chest. My heart is broken. I was so blessed to have hime a part of my life — so incredibly lucky. I’m hoping that he’s out there in horsey heaven with a new frisky body enjoying himself. He gave me so much joy and was the realization of a huge dream for me.

Thanks big guy… I’ll never forget you!



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