Brush or Knife

As most of you know I’m going back and forth these days from the brush to the knife.  Experimenting … which is fun and sometimes frustrating.  Recently had the opportunity to do some pleiplein air, landscapen air painting at a beautiful horse farm.  Thank you Holly Glasscock!!!  First painting I did was with the brush.Happily I think this painting is sold!

Then after perusing the property I decided to paint the same scene from another angle.  This time I did it totally with the knife — a much more abstracted approach.

Still deciding if I like it or not.  Haven’t given up the knife though.  I think I’ll be continuing to go back and forth between brush and knife for a while.  I’m in the midst of another portrait with the palette knife.  I’ve wiped it out so many times.  Sanded it down to get the ridges out so I could go back in.  Major challenge for me. I like the looseness, but I still want the likeness.  Hopefully it will turn into a painting worth sharing.Abstract landscape

Brush or knife…brush or knife.


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