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#AWA25 Show at the Bonner David Gallery in Scottsdale, 2015.

#AWA25 Show at the Bonner David Gallery in Scottsdale, 2015.

This has been an amazing year for me and American Women Artists has played a significant role in that for me.  This photo was taken by my sweet daughter, Katie, who flew in to help me celebrate having a painting in the AWA National Juried Show in Scottsdale.  I was thrilled that my painting garnered an “Award of Merit” from the judge, the curator of the Scottsdale Museum of the West.  Adding to the excitement our paintings were shown at the Bonner David Gallery!  Very happy to be in the same gallery with Michael Carson and Max Hammond, among others, even if it’s only for a short time!!

This was also the American Women Artists’ 25th year so there were lots of events concurrent with the show.  Workshops and a symposium addressing all those myriad of marketing issues we face as artists.  I am so impressed with this organization.  American Women Artists is a non-profit organization dedicated to the inspiration, celebration, and encouragement of women in the visual fine arts. I had no idea it existed until an artist friend, Lesley Powell, encouraged me to join.  I encourage all my female artist friends to join.  To quote their website:

“Since its inception, American Women Artists has worked diligently to bring women to the attention of the art world through museum shows, juried competitions in leading galleries around the country, festivals, symposiums, workshops and an international exchange.  Our goal is to increase the number of professional opportunities for women in the visual fine arts by creating the kind of opportunities that lead to greater inclusion.”

I was so impressed that Bonner David Gallery deliberately focuses on including women artists as part of their gallery.  It’s a beautiful gallery, with a warm personable staff — and incredible artwork!

And to add to the fun, AWA had one day workshops all week prior to the show at the Scottsdale Artists School.  I had a wonderful day with Jane Barton, who taught a plein air workshop.  Loved her approach and the opportunity to learn some more craft while I was there.  The colors there are amazing — red rocks, incredible sky.  Can’t wait to go back and paint!

All and all I feel honored and humbled to have been included.  Thank you American Women Artists for providing such a wonderful opportunity for us.  Looking forward to participating in the future!!

Happy Painting!  All the best!! R


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  1. Marianne Wilkinson

    Robin is such a talented artist, we have a Portrait of Our beloved dog Shi hanging in the den that so looks like him we still feel as though he’s almost with us. .The likeness is uncanny. Especially, since she had never seen Our Shi.


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