Alla Prima Portraits, using the Zorn Palette

Alla Prima Portraits using the Zorn Palette

November 1, 2, 3 2023, 10 – 4 pm  – $375 includes model fee

Contemporary Art Studios of Charlotte

10100 Park Cedar Dr., Suite 188, Charlotte, NC 28210

To register please email me or call 704-614-6852

Spaces are limited due to size restrictions

What do all of these paintings have in common??? They were all painted with only four colors  — white, yellow ochre, cadmium red and ivory black.

Painting portraits is challenging – but incredibly rewarding!  Simplifying my palette to something that I know works, has given me freedom to focus on other details of my work.  Anders Zorn’s limited palette gives me a beautiful range of skin tones and I’m virtually guaranteed color harmony in my paintings.

We will start each morning with instruction and a demo, painting the model “alla prima” (wet-on-wet) from life.  After lunch, you will all have the opportunity to paint the model with lots of one-on-one instruction and gentle critiquing.  We will focus on color, values, specifics on facial features, painting shapes rather than lines and learning to measure for an accurate likeness. There is nothing like painting from life!

 Once you register, I will send you a list of supplies and your first assignment!  Yes, I’m giving you homework!  You’ll come to the workshop prepared and already on the road to mastering some aspects of the Zorn palette.

Advanced registration is required.  Spaces are limited to make sure you get plenty of one-on-one instruction.

“I honestly think that this class, for me, was truly perfect. Frustrating, but honestly what I needed – to be pushed and challenged and to learn more every session.  I loved it!”

“You run your class efficiently and warmly.  I’m sure every participant has felt encouraged.  Loved all your handouts.  I will certainly recommend this workshop to other artists!” 

Dave and the Dogs

“This is a challenging class.  Robin made it a great class with her demos, clarity of teaching, demos, books, handouts, her own paintings for inspiration.  She gives equal care to each class member, as well as her positive spirit and good nature.  Her laughter is good medicine and helps us through the pain of learning, trying and doing. I really have no suggestions.  Maybe the best workshop I’ve taken!” Susan Van Wyk

 I hope you’ll join us!  Please feel free to email me with questions or for more information.