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Portraits using the Zorn Palette

Model - blog
What do all these portraits have in common??  They were all done with the Zorn Palette.  Four colors – White, Black, Yellow Ochre and Red.  In a couple I introduced a bit of Ultramarine Blue to accommodate some of the clothing.

I’ve spent almost the last year using the Zorn palette every week when I paint from life.  I have found it very freeing and amazingly versatile. I’ve decided to do a workshop to share what I’ve learned and anything else I can share about doing portraits.  Hope you can join me!!!Holly-blog-1

We will cover measuring for accurate likenesses, values, color and learning to paint shapes rather than lines.  We will be working from life with a model each week.  The modeling fee is included in the workshop fee, but I do ask that if you take photos (if the model gives permission) that you tip him or her.

The workshop starts September 12th, 1:30-4pm and continuing each Monday for 6 weeks.  The cost is $300, which includes all modeling fees.  Maximum size for the class is 6 people.  I have 3 committed at this point. Deposit is 50% to hold your spot.

JadeIf you’re interested, please email me and I’ll send you any additional information about joining us.  It’ll be fun!  Of course painting is always fun in my opinion.  Happy painting!!