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Drawing and Painting the Figure

Nude pose

Saturday Pose

We have a wonderful group here in Charlotte who meet on Saturday mornings concentrating on drawing and painting the figure.  I try to make it when I can.  This painting is from the last session that I attended.  I rarely finish a painting in that session.  Sometimes the drawing is sufficient for me to just continue — Sometimes I have to completely rework the painting.  I want a beautiful painting, but I also want to a likeness.  So I try to work on both aspects – as well as experimenting with various techniques.

In this painting I was trying to draw on some of the aspects I learned from Seth Haverkamp.  The shadow side of her face is still very transparent and has very little paint on it.  I tried to build up the light side of her face and actually the highlights are not blended at all; just sitting on the surface.

The latest one in the studio I’m using Egbert brushes.  Those extra long filbert brushes that Rich Nelson introduced me to a few years ago.  I’ve never quite gotten the hang of them.  Recently rediscovered, I like the looseness I get from them.

I’ve also decided after trying to do some figure drawing, that I’m committing to some drawing everyday.  I’ve been so hooked on painting that I haven’t done any drawing in ages.  So I’m setting the timer and sitting down to do a drawing everyday.  Just a discipline to help me see better and hopefully draw better as well.

Drawing and painting the figure —- from life of course.  I have so much to learn, but I know it’s the best way to see the true colors and learn the anatomy. And it’s a blast!  All the best…!!!


Abstract landscape

Brush or Knife

As most of you know I’m going back and forth these days from the brush to the knife.  Experimenting … which is fun and sometimes frustrating.  Recently had the opportunity to do some pleiplein air, landscapen air painting at a beautiful horse farm.  Thank you Holly Glasscock!!!  First painting I did was with the brush.Happily I think this painting is sold!

Then after perusing the property I decided to paint the same scene from another angle.  This time I did it totally with the knife — a much more abstracted approach.

Still deciding if I like it or not.  Haven’t given up the knife though.  I think I’ll be continuing to go back and forth between brush and knife for a while.  I’m in the midst of another portrait with the palette knife.  I’ve wiped it out so many times.  Sanded it down to get the ridges out so I could go back in.  Major challenge for me. I like the looseness, but I still want the likeness.  Hopefully it will turn into a painting worth sharing.Abstract landscape

Brush or knife…brush or knife.


Seth Haverkamp Workshop

Seth Haverkamp doing a demo at Townsend' Atelier in Chattanooga

Seth Haverkamp doing a demo at Townsend’ Atelier in Chattanooga

Just returned from a weekend workshop in Chattanooga, TN at Townsend Atelier.  I marveled at Seth Haverkamp’s work two years ago at a Portrait Society Conference in Atlanta.  His portrait of one of his daughters won “People’s Choice”.  I voted for it as well – and jumped at the opportunity to do a workshop with him.  He’s seems so young to be so accomplished, but his work speaks for itself.  Seth is also a wonderful teacher — he has a real step by step approach to teaching.  I appreciated the very specific feedback.  You can only do so much in two days, but I feel like I have plenty to think about and try to incorporate into my work.

Seth’s background includes working with Nelson Shanks and Robert Liberace — both masters in their own rights.  He has his own unique spin that includes juxtaposition of a devilish look on a young boy’s face while he’s holding some delicate flowers.  All done with incredible finesse.  You can see his work at

I also fell in love with the folks at Townsend Atelier.  Peggy and Stan Townsend introduced the atelier to Chattanooga.  The workshop was organized and well equipped.  And Peggy and Stan are simply delightful people.  Stan is an amazing artist in his own right; and Peggy contributes such a warmth that I felt welcome and at ease immediately.   They offer all levels of instruction and I have only good things to say about the whole experience. You can discover more about them at